European Symposium on Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship

Hansch and Fujita Virtual Award Session

 Virtual Event    September 22, 2021

While actively preparing the 23rd EuroQSAR, planned to take place in Barcelona in September 2021, we had to take into account that there is still a lot of uncertainty on how the COVID-19 situation will evolve until the end of this summer. The decision has therefore been taken to postpone the symposium to 2022. Find out more on

To close the gap until the next edition and to meet, at least in part, the expectations of many of you looking forward to participating in this symposium, the EuroQSAR Committee has decided to organise a virtual session on September 22, 2021.

This virtual session, devoted to grand challenges for QSAR, will give the opportunity to honor the winners of the Corwin Hansch and Toshio Fujita Awards 2020. The details of the session will be announced soon!