19th EuroQSAR

Knowledge Enabled Ligand Design

 Vienna, Austria    August 26-30, 2012

The EuroQSAR Symposia have been taking place since 1973 and constitute major scientific events in the field of computational drug design, with further applications in agricultural and environmental sciences. The 2012 symposium will not only follow the tradition of previous events in presenting latest trends in QSAR and molecular modeling, it will also explore new grounds, such as integrated approaches and open innovation strategies in drug discovery.

The 19th EuroQSAR 2012 symposium, entitled “Knowledge Enabled Ligand Design” will focus on:

> Integrative Approaches - Predicting in vivo Data
> Open Source, Open Access, Open Data
> Proteins - Structure, Function, Modulation, Interaction
> In silico Profiling - PhysChem Meets Biology
> Translational Informatics
> Probing Biological Systems

Austria’s capital Vienna lies on the shore of the Danube River in a valley protected by the foothills of the Alps. Few cities in the world glide so easily between the present and the past like Vienna. Its splendid historical face is well recognized: grand imperial palaces and bombastic baroque interiors, museums flanking magnificent squares and, above all, the Hofburg – where the Habsburg dynasty reigned for several centuries over most of Europe.

The conference will take place right in the center of Vienna in the main building of the University of Vienna. Founded in 1365 by Duke Herzog Rudolf IV, the University of Vienna is the oldest in the Germanspeaking part of Europe and one of the biggest Universities in Central Europe.

We are looking forward to your active participation !